spi_conf_t Struct Reference

SPI device configuration. More...

Detailed Description

SPI device configuration.

SPI configuration data.

SPI configuration values.

SPI configuration data structure.

SPI module configuration options.

Structure for SPI configuration data.

SPI configuration structure type.

Definition at line 333 of file periph_cpu.h.

#include <periph_cpu.h>

Data Fields

SPI_t * dev
 pointer to the used SPI device More...
pwr_reduction_t pwr
 Power Management.
gpio_t sck_pin
 pin used for SCK
gpio_t miso_pin
 pin used for MISO More...
gpio_t mosi_pin
 pin used for MOSI More...
gpio_t ss_pin
 pin used for SS line
uint8_t num
 number of SSI device, i.e. More...
spi_cs_t cs_pin
 pin used for CS More...
spi_ctrl_t ctrl
 SPI controller used for the interface.
gpio_t sck
 GPIO used as SCK pin.
gpio_t mosi
 GPIO used as MOSI pin. More...
gpio_t miso
 GPIO used as MISO pin. More...
gpio_t cs
 GPIO used as CS0 pin.
uint32_t addr
 SPI control register address.
gpio_t sclk
 SCLK pin. More...
SPI_Type * dev
 SPI device to use.
gpio_t pin_miso
 MISO pin used.
gpio_t pin_mosi
 MOSI pin used.
gpio_t pin_clk
 CLK pin used.
spi_cs_t pin_cs [SPI_HWCS_NUMOF]
 pins used for HW cs lines
uint32_t simmask
 bit in the SIM register
unsigned long ssi_sysctl
 SSI device in sysctl.
unsigned long ssi_base
 SSI base address.
unsigned long gpio_sysctl
 GPIO device in sysctl.
unsigned long gpio_port
 GPIO port.
struct {
   unsigned long   clk
 pin used for SCK
   unsigned long   fss
 pin used for FSS
   unsigned long   rx
 pin used for MISO
   unsigned long   tx
 pin used for MOSI
   unsigned long   mask
 Pin mask.
 Pin setting.
lpc23xx_spi_t * dev
 pointer to the SPI device
uint8_t pinsel_mosi
 PINSEL# of the MOSI pin

uint8_t pinsel_miso
 PINSEL# of the MISO pin

uint8_t pinsel_clk
 PINSEL# of the CLK pin

uint32_t pinsel_msk_mosi

uint32_t pinsel_msk_miso

uint32_t pinsel_msk_clk

NRF_SPI_Type * dev
 SPI device used.
NRF_SPIM_Type * dev
 SPI device used.
void * dev
 pointer to the used SPI device
gpio_t clk_pin
 used CLK pin
gpio_mux_t miso_mux
 alternate function for MISO pin (mux)
gpio_mux_t mosi_mux
 alternate function for MOSI pin (mux)
gpio_mux_t clk_mux
 alternate function for CLK pin (mux)
spi_misopad_t miso_pad
 pad to use for MISO line
spi_mosipad_t mosi_pad
 pad to use for MOSI and CLK line
uint8_t gclk_src
 GCLK source which supplys SERCOM.
Spi * dev
 SPI module to use.
uint8_t id
 corresponding ID of that module
gpio_t clk
 pin mapped to the CLK line
gpio_mux_t mux
 pin MUX setting
SPI_TypeDef * dev
 SPI device base register address.
gpio_t sclk_pin
 SCLK pin.
gpio_af_t mosi_af
 MOSI pin alternate function.
gpio_af_t miso_af
 MISO pin alternate function.
gpio_af_t sclk_af
 SCLK pin alternate function.
gpio_af_t cs_af
 HWCS pin alternate function.
uint32_t rccmask
 bit in the RCC peripheral enable register
uint8_t apbbus
 APBx bus the device is connected to.

Field Documentation

◆ cs_pin

spi_cs_t spi_conf_t::cs_pin

pin used for CS

HWCS pin, set to SPI_CS_UNDEF if not mapped.

Definition at line 300 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ dev

NRF_SPIM_Type * spi_conf_t::dev

pointer to the used SPI device

SPI device used.

Definition at line 334 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ miso

gpio_t spi_conf_t::miso

GPIO used as MISO pin.

pin mapped to the MISO line

MISO pin.

Definition at line 697 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ miso_pin

gpio_t spi_conf_t::miso_pin

pin used for MISO

MISO pin.

used MISO pin

Definition at line 337 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ mosi

gpio_t spi_conf_t::mosi

GPIO used as MOSI pin.

pin mapped to the MOSI line

MOSI pin.

Definition at line 696 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ mosi_pin

gpio_t spi_conf_t::mosi_pin

pin used for MOSI

MOSI pin.

used MOSI pin

Definition at line 338 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ num

uint8_t spi_conf_t::num

number of SSI device, i.e.

0 or 1

Definition at line 296 of file periph_cpu.h.

◆ sclk

gpio_t spi_conf_t::sclk

SCLK pin.

CLK pin.

Definition at line 90 of file periph_cpu.h.

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