coap_pkt_t Struct Reference

CoAP PDU parsing context structure. More...

Detailed Description

CoAP PDU parsing context structure.

When this struct is used to assemble the header, payload is used as the write pointer and payload_len contains the number of free bytes left in then packet buffer pointed to by coap_pkt_t::hdr

When the header was written, payload must not be changed, it must remain pointing to the end of the header. payload_len must then be set to the size of the payload that was further copied into the packet buffer, after the header.

coap_pkt_t::snips can be used to attach further payload buffers without copying them into the CoAP packet buffer. If there are any, they will be attached in order after the last payload byte (or header byte) in the original CoAP packet buffer.

Definition at line 226 of file nanocoap.h.

#include <nanocoap.h>

Public Member Functions

 unhandled critical option

Data Fields

 pointer to raw packet

uint8_t * payload
 pointer to end of the header
 payload snips (optional)
uint16_t payload_len
 length of payload

uint16_t options_len
 length of options array
coap_optpos_t options [CONFIG_NANOCOAP_NOPTS_MAX]
 option offset array


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