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Generic pseudomodules

Modules influencing general RIOT behavior. More...

Detailed Description

Modules influencing general RIOT behavior.

These are implemented in other modules or core components, and serve to enable certain functionality.

Here, pseudomodules are used instead of plain defines (that would be set using CFLAGS += -DMODULE_NAME) because they can participate in dependency resolution: they can pull in other modules.

Pseudomodules are often enabled automatically through module dependencies, but can also be enabled manually by stating USEMODULE += module_name in the Makefile.

The list of documented pseudomodules is not comprehensive by far; makefiles/pseudomodules.inc.mk lists all that are not defined inside their main modules. Not all modules listed there are "generic" pseudomodules; some are merely optional components of a particular subsystem and should be documented there.

See also the documentation on pseudomodules in general.


 Congestion control for 6LoWPAN SFR
 Congestion control for 6LoWPAN SFR using the CongURE - A Congestion control framework.
 DHCPv6 client
 DHCPv6 client implementation.
 DNS over CoAP client implementation
 A DNS over CoAP client prototype based on gCoAP.
 PWM based servo driver
 SAUL integration of the servo driver
 Support for DOS line endings in STDIO-UART
 Enable this (pseudo-) module to emit DOS style line endings (\r\n) instead of UNIX style line endings (\n) via STDIO over UART.
 Set MSP/PSP stack lower limit.
 Use any software-only reset button on the board to reboot.
 gnrc_nettype: Protocol type
 Protocol type definitions and helper functions.
 Includes implementation of gettimeofday()
 Debug dynamic memory management by hooking in a print into each call of malloc(), calloc(), realloc() and free.
 Mark RAM as non-executable using the MPU.
 MPU based stack guard.
 periph_timer_periodic based servo driver
 Mark RAM as non-executable using the PMP.
 Format mount points at startup unless they can be mounted.
 Mount file systems at startup.
 Enable default assignments of a board's devices to VFS mount points.
 A module to set on init ztimer->adjust_sleep/adjust_set values.