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CAN (Controller Area Network)

RIOT CAN stack. More...

Detailed Description

RIOT CAN stack.

This module is a full CAN stack integrated to RIOT. It includes a low-level interface, a data link layer, an ISO-TP layer and a user interface.

The low-level interface, candev, must be implemented by controller drivers. The optional transceiver support can also be activated. Transceiver drivers must then implement the can_trx interface.

The data link layer is built around a device thread (one thread per CAN device), and a common part. The common part is composed of the dll interface, for low-level calls (from the device) and the raw interface for upper-level calls. Internally it also uses the pkt module to allocate frames and the router module to manage CAN filters.

The ISO-TP layer uses the data link layer to send and receive CAN frames.

Finally, the connection layer is the user interface to send and receive raw CAN frames or ISO-TP datagrams.

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