Drivers for CAN devices. More...

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Drivers for CAN devices.

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CAN (Controller Area Network)
These devices are not covered by the Network Device Drivers API but by the CAN device driver interface API.


 CAN device driver interface
 Definitions for low-level CAN driver interface.
 CAN transceiver interface
 CAN generic transceiver interface.
 ESP32 CAN controller
 CAN controller driver for ESP32 (esp_can)
 Driver for the Microchip MCP2515 can controller.
 NCV7356 Single Wire CAN Transceiver
 Device driver for the NCV7356 Single Wire CAN Transceiver.
 STM32 CAN controller
 STM32 CAN controller driver (bxCAN)
 SocketCAN driver
 Implementation of simulated CAN controller driver using SocketCAN on Linux.
 tja1042 High Speed CAN transceiver driver