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Structure to hold driver state. More...

Detailed Description

Structure to hold driver state.

Supposed to be extended by driver implementations. The extended structure should contain all variable driver state.

Contains a field context which is not used by the drivers, but supposed to be used by upper layers to store reference information.

Definition at line 363 of file netdev.h.

#include <netdev.h>

Data Fields

const struct netdev_driverdriver
 ptr to that driver's interface.
netdev_event_cb_t event_callback
 callback for device events
void * context
 ptr to network stack context

Field Documentation

◆ context

void* netdev::context

ptr to network stack context

Definition at line 366 of file netdev.h.

◆ driver

const struct netdev_driver* netdev::driver

ptr to that driver's interface.

Definition at line 364 of file netdev.h.

◆ event_callback

netdev_event_cb_t netdev::event_callback

callback for device events

Definition at line 365 of file netdev.h.

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