at86rf2xx_t Struct Reference

Device descriptor for AT86RF2XX radio devices. More...

Detailed Description

Device descriptor for AT86RF2XX radio devices.

Definition at line 236 of file at86rf2xx.h.

#include <at86rf2xx.h>

Data Fields

netdev_ieee802154_t netdev
 netdev parent struct
at86rf2xx_params_t params
 parameters for initialization
uint16_t flags
 Device specific flags.
uint8_t state
 current state of the radio
uint8_t tx_frame_len
 length of the current TX frame
uint8_t idle_state
 state to return to after sending
uint8_t pending_tx
 keep track of pending TX calls this is required to know when to return to at86rf2xx_t::idle_state
int8_t tx_retries
 Number of NOACK retransmissions.
- Data Fields inherited from netdev_ieee802154_t
netdev_t netdev
 netdev_t base class
uint16_t pan
 IEEE 802.15.4 specific fields. More...
uint8_t short_addr [IEEE802154_SHORT_ADDRESS_LEN]
 Short address in network byte order.
uint8_t long_addr [IEEE802154_LONG_ADDRESS_LEN]
 Long address in network byte order.
uint8_t seq
 sequence number
uint8_t chan
uint8_t page
 channel page
uint16_t flags
 flags as defined above
int16_t txpower
 tx power in dBm
ieee802154_sec_context_t sec_ctx
 security context
- Data Fields inherited from netdev
const struct netdev_driverdriver
 ptr to that driver's interface.
netdev_event_cb_t event_callback
 callback for device events
void * context
 ptr to network stack context

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