at86rf2xx_params.h File Reference

Default configuration for the AT86RF2xx driver. More...

Detailed Description

Default configuration for the AT86RF2xx driver.

Kaspar Schleiser
Hauke Petersen

Definition in file at86rf2xx_params.h.

#include "at86rf2xx.h"
#include "board.h"
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static const at86rf2xx_params_t at86rf2xx_params []
 AT86RF231 configuration. More...

Set default configuration parameters for the AT86RF2xx driver

#define AT86RF2XX_PARAM_SPI   (SPI_DEV(0))
#define AT86RF2XX_PARAM_CS   (GPIO_PIN(0, 0))
#define AT86RF2XX_PARAM_INT   (GPIO_PIN(0, 1))
#define AT86RF2XX_PARAM_SLEEP   (GPIO_PIN(0, 2))
#define AT86RF2XX_PARAM_RESET   (GPIO_PIN(0, 3))
#define AT86RF2XX_PARAMS

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#define AT86RF2XX_PARAMS
{ .spi = AT86RF2XX_PARAM_SPI, \
.spi_clk = AT86RF2XX_PARAM_SPI_CLK, \
.cs_pin = AT86RF2XX_PARAM_CS, \
.int_pin = AT86RF2XX_PARAM_INT, \
.sleep_pin = AT86RF2XX_PARAM_SLEEP, \
.reset_pin = AT86RF2XX_PARAM_RESET }
#define AT86RF2XX_PARAM_CS
Definition: board.h:106

Definition at line 54 of file at86rf2xx_params.h.

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◆ at86rf2xx_params

Initial value:

AT86RF231 configuration.

Definition at line 72 of file at86rf2xx_params.h.