ieee802154_sec_context Struct Reference

Struct to hold IEEE 802.15.4 security information. More...

Detailed Description

Struct to hold IEEE 802.15.4 security information.

Definition at line 239 of file ieee802154_security.h.

#include <ieee802154_security.h>

Data Fields

cipher_t cipher
 Cipher context with AES128 interface and key storage.
uint8_t security_level
 Security level IEEE802154_SEC_SCF_SECLEVEL_*.
uint8_t key_id_mode
 Key mode IEEE802154_SEC_SCF_KEYMODE_*.
uint8_t key_index
 Key index.
uint8_t key_source [IEEE802154_LONG_ADDRESS_LEN]
 Key source. More...
uint32_t frame_counter
 Own frame counter.
ieee802154_sec_dev_t dev
 802.15.4 security dev

Field Documentation

◆ key_source

uint8_t ieee802154_sec_context::key_source[IEEE802154_LONG_ADDRESS_LEN]

Key source.

Content depends on key_id_mode

Definition at line 261 of file ieee802154_security.h.

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