nanocoap_sock_t Struct Reference

NanoCoAP socket struct. More...

Detailed Description

NanoCoAP socket struct.

Definition at line 167 of file nanocoap_sock.h.

#include <nanocoap_sock.h>

Data Fields

sock_udp_t udp
 UDP socket

sock_dtls_t dtls
 DTLS socket

sock_dtls_session_t dtls_session
 Session object for the stored socket. More...
nanocoap_socket_type_t type
 Socket type (UDP, DTLS)
uint16_t msg_id
 next CoAP message ID

Field Documentation

◆ dtls_session

sock_dtls_session_t nanocoap_sock_t::dtls_session

Session object for the stored socket.

Used for exchanging a session between functions.

Definition at line 171 of file nanocoap_sock.h.

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