ztimer_clock Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

ztimer device structure

Definition at line 369 of file ztimer.h.

#include <ztimer.h>

Data Fields

ztimer_base_t list
 list of active timers

const ztimer_ops_tops
 pointer to methods structure

 last timer in queue, for _is_set()
uint16_t adjust_set
 will be subtracted on every set()

uint16_t adjust_sleep
 will be subtracted on every sleep(), in addition to adjust_set

uint32_t max_value
 maximum relative timer value

uint32_t lower_last
 timer value at last now() call

ztimer_now_t checkpoint
 cumulated time at last now() call

uint8_t block_pm_mode
 min. More...

Field Documentation

◆ block_pm_mode

uint8_t ztimer_clock::block_pm_mode


pm mode to block for the clock to run

Definition at line 383 of file ztimer.h.

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