Utilities for data serialization. More...

Detailed Description

Utilities for data serialization.


 Cayenne Low Power Payload (LPP)
 Provides a RIOT support for Cayenne LPP format.
 CoRE Link Format
 Simple encoding and decoding of CoRE Link Format (RFC 6690) strings.
 FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library.
 GPS parser library
 Provides a GPS parser library to RIOT.
 JSON parser library
 Provides a JSON parser library to RIOT.
 JSON parser library
 C library for Bitcoin's base58 encoding.
 Lora Serialization
 Provides a RIOT support for Lora Serialization format.
 Socketcan library
 Provides libsocketcan for native 32bit linux builds when not available otherwise.
 Yxml XML parser
 Provides an XML parser library.
 base64 encoder decoder
 base64 encoder and decoder
 A constrained node implementation of CBOR in C.