UDP benchmark

Detailed Description


file  benchmark_udp.h
 Continuously send UDP packets with configurable size and interval.

Data Structures

struct  benchmark_msg_ping_t
 Benchmark message to the server. More...
struct  benchmark_msg_cmd_t
 Command response from the server. More...


#define BENCH_PAYLOAD_SIZE_MAX   (1024)
 Maximum size of a benchmark packet.
#define BENCH_SERVER_DEFAULT   "fd00:dead:beef::1"
 Default address of the benchmark server.
#define BENCH_PORT_DEFAULT   (12345)
 Default port of the benchmark server.
#define BENCH_FLAG_CMD_PKT   (1 << 0)
 Flag indicating the benchmark packet is a configuration command.
 Configuration Cookie mask.


int benchmark_udp_start (const char *server, uint16_t port)
 This will start the benchmark process. More...
bool benchmark_udp_stop (void)
 Stop the benchmark process. More...

Function Documentation

◆ benchmark_udp_start()

int benchmark_udp_start ( const char *  server,
uint16_t  port 

This will start the benchmark process.

Two threads will be spawned, one to send packets to the server and one to handle the response.

[in]serverbenchmark server (address or hostname)
[in]portbenchmark server port
0 on success error otherwise

◆ benchmark_udp_stop()

bool benchmark_udp_stop ( void  )

Stop the benchmark process.

true if the benchmark process was stopped false if no benchmark process was running