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Detailed Description

ztimer periph/timer backend

This ztimer module implements a ztimer virtual clock on top of periph/timer.

This module has two tuning values: "adjust": will be subtracted from every timer set. "min": Every timer will be set to max("min", value).


file  periph_timer.h
 ztimer periph/timer backend API

Data Structures

struct  ztimer_periph_timer_t
 ztimer periph context structure More...


void ztimer_periph_timer_init (ztimer_periph_timer_t *clock, tim_t dev, uint32_t freq, uint32_t max_val)
 ztimer periph initialization More...

Function Documentation

◆ ztimer_periph_timer_init()

void ztimer_periph_timer_init ( ztimer_periph_timer_t clock,
tim_t  dev,
uint32_t  freq,
uint32_t  max_val 

ztimer periph initialization

Initializes the given periph timer and sets up the ztimer device.

[in]clockztimer periph device to initialize
[in]devperiph timer to use
[in]freqfrequency to configure
[in]max_valmaximum value this timer supports