Periodic ztimer API. More...

Detailed Description

Periodic ztimer API.

Once started, the periodic timer will call the configured callback function once each interval until the timer is either stopped using ztimer_periodic_stop or the callback function returns a non-zero value.

Should the timer underflow ((time_at_interrupt + interval) % 2**32 > interval), the next timer will be scheduled with an offset of zero, thus fire right away. This leads to a callback for each missed tick, until the original period can be honoured again.


static bool callback(void *arg)
// keep the timer running
return true;
int main(void)
// allocate timer in .bss with static, so that timer can keep
// running when leaving function scope
static ztimer_periodic_t timer;
// initialize timer
ztimer_periodic_init(ZTIMER_SEC, &timer, callback, "test", 1);
// start timer
// timer will tick every 1 second
// call again to reset timer (will abort current period and trigger next
// after full interval)
// stop timer (will not trigger anymore)
// NOTE: if using a stack allocated timer, *it must be stopped before
// going out of scope*!
ztimer_clock_t *const ZTIMER_SEC
Default ztimer second clock.
ztimer periodic structure
Definition: periodic.h:94
Periodic ztimer API.
void ztimer_periodic_stop(ztimer_periodic_t *timer)
Stop a periodic timer.
void ztimer_periodic_start(ztimer_periodic_t *timer)
Start or restart a periodic timer.
void ztimer_periodic_init(ztimer_clock_t *clock, ztimer_periodic_t *timer, bool(*callback)(void *), void *arg, uint32_t interval)
Initialize a periodic timer structure.

ztimer periodic API

Kaspar Schleiser

Definition in file periodic.h.

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "ztimer.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ztimer_periodic_t
 ztimer periodic structure More...
 Periodic timer stop unless it returns this value. More...
typedef bool(* ztimer_periodic_callback_t) (void *)
 Type of callbacks in periodic timers. More...
void ztimer_periodic_init (ztimer_clock_t *clock, ztimer_periodic_t *timer, bool(*callback)(void *), void *arg, uint32_t interval)
 Initialize a periodic timer structure. More...
void ztimer_periodic_start (ztimer_periodic_t *timer)
 Start or restart a periodic timer. More...
void ztimer_periodic_stop (ztimer_periodic_t *timer)
 Stop a periodic timer. More...

Macro Definition Documentation



Periodic timer stop unless it returns this value.

Definition at line 84 of file periodic.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ztimer_periodic_callback_t

typedef bool(* ztimer_periodic_callback_t) (void *)

Type of callbacks in periodic timers.

Definition at line 89 of file periodic.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ztimer_periodic_init()

void ztimer_periodic_init ( ztimer_clock_t clock,
ztimer_periodic_t timer,
bool(*)(void *)  callback,
void *  arg,
uint32_t  interval 

Initialize a periodic timer structure.

This sets up the underlying structure of a periodic timer. After initializing, use ztimer_periodic_start() to start the timer.

[in]clockthe clock to configure this timer on
[in,out]timerperiodic timer object to initialize
[in]callbackfunction to call on each trigger returns true if the timer should keep going
[in]argargument to pass to callback function
[in]intervalperiod length of this timer instance

◆ ztimer_periodic_start()

void ztimer_periodic_start ( ztimer_periodic_t timer)

Start or restart a periodic timer.

When called on a newly initialized timer, the timer will start.

When called on an already running timer, the current interval is reset to its start (thus the next callback will be called after the configured interval has passed).

[in]timerperiodic timer object to work on

◆ ztimer_periodic_stop()

void ztimer_periodic_stop ( ztimer_periodic_t timer)

Stop a periodic timer.

The periodic timer will not trigger anymore.

[in]timerperiodic timer object to stop