ieee802154_submac Struct Reference

IEEE 802.15.4 SubMAC descriptor. More...

Detailed Description

IEEE 802.15.4 SubMAC descriptor.

Definition at line 193 of file submac.h.

#include <submac.h>

Data Fields

ieee802154_dev_t dev
 802.15.4 HAL descriptor
eui64_t ext_addr
 IEEE 802.15.4 extended address.
network_uint16_t short_addr
 IEEE 802.15.4 short address.
const ieee802154_submac_cb_tcb
 pointer to the SubMAC callbacks
ieee802154_csma_be_t be
 CSMA-CA backoff exponent params.
bool wait_for_ack
 SubMAC is waiting for an ACK frame.
uint16_t panid
 IEEE 802.15.4 PAN ID.
uint16_t channel_num
 IEEE 802.15.4 channel number.
uint8_t channel_page
 IEEE 802.15.4 channel page.
uint8_t retrans
 current number of retransmissions
uint8_t csma_retries_nb
 current number of CSMA-CA retries
uint8_t backoff_mask
 internal value used for random backoff calculation
uint8_t csma_retries
 maximum number of CSMA-CA retries
int8_t tx_pow
 Transmission power (in dBm)
ieee802154_fsm_state_t fsm_state
 State of the SubMAC.
ieee802154_phy_mode_t phy_mode
 IEEE 802.15.4 PHY mode.
const iolist_tpsdu
 stores the current PSDU

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