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UDP sock type. More...

Detailed Description

UDP sock type.

For network stack internal purposes only. Do not access members externally.

Definition at line 128 of file sock_types.h.

#include <sock_types.h>

Data Fields

lwip_sock_base_t base
 parent class
struct sock_udpnext
 sock liked list
openwsn_gen_sock_t gen_sock
 Generic socket.
mbox_t mbox
 Mailboxes target for the sock
msg_t mbox_queue [OPENWSN_SOCK_MBOX_SIZE]
 queue for gnrc_sock_reg_t::mbox
gnrc_sock_reg_t reg
 netreg info
sock_udp_ep_t local
 local end-point
sock_udp_ep_t remote
 remote end-point
uint16_t flags
 option flags

Field Documentation

◆ base

lwip_sock_base_t sock_udp::base

parent class

Definition at line 129 of file sock_types.h.

◆ flags

uint16_t sock_udp::flags

option flags

Definition at line 140 of file sock_types.h.

◆ gen_sock

openwsn_gen_sock_t sock_udp::gen_sock

Generic socket.

Definition at line 81 of file sock_types.h.

◆ local

sock_udp_ep_t sock_udp::local

local end-point

Definition at line 138 of file sock_types.h.

◆ mbox

mbox_t sock_udp::mbox

Mailboxes target for the sock

Definition at line 82 of file sock_types.h.

◆ mbox_queue

msg_t sock_udp::mbox_queue[OPENWSN_SOCK_MBOX_SIZE]

queue for gnrc_sock_reg_t::mbox

Definition at line 83 of file sock_types.h.

◆ next

struct sock_udp* sock_udp::next

sock liked list

Definition at line 80 of file sock_types.h.

◆ reg

gnrc_sock_reg_t sock_udp::reg

netreg info

Definition at line 137 of file sock_types.h.

◆ remote

sock_udp_ep_t sock_udp::remote

remote end-point

Definition at line 139 of file sock_types.h.

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