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libcose for RIOT

Constrained node COSE library. More...

Detailed Description

Constrained node COSE library.

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Add as a package in the Makefile of your application:

USEPKG += libcose

The main consumers of libcose are other libraries or system components, for example SUIT.

The use of the library itself is described in the libcose documentation, and some example code can be found in tests/pkg/libcose/.


The libcose library does not implement cryptographic algorithms itself, but fans that out to other libraries (which are pulled into the dependency tree as packages) and exposes a consistent interface for the operations they provide.

Backends are selected by any of those pseudomodules:

USEMODULE += libcose_crypt_hacl
USEMODULE += libcose_crypt_monocypher
USEMODULE += libcose_crypt_c25519
USEMODULE += libcose_crypt_tinycrypt

The selection of pseudomodules determines the available algorithms:

Some backend may conflict, others might be complementary.


file  riot.h
 Crypto function api for glueing RIOT crypto libraries.