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U8G2 graphic library for monochome displays

Provides a monochrome graphics library for OLED and LCD displays. More...

Detailed Description

Provides a monochrome graphics library for OLED and LCD displays.

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Using SDL requires more stack so in case you are using it add


to your makefile. 48kB is enough for the test other uses may need more or may need this to be applied to other threads using THREAD_STACKSIZE_DEFAULT

# U8g2
## Introduction
[U8g2](https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2) is a monochrome graphics library for LCDs and OLEDs. It contains both drivers and high-level drawing routines.
The library is originally written for Arduino boards, but it runs just fine on other platforms, as long as the right drivers are available.
## Usage
Just put `USEPKG += u8g2` in your Makefile and `#include "u8g2.h"` into your code. Refer to the [U8g2 wiki](https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2/wiki) for more information on the API.
## RIOT-OS interface
This adds an interface for RIOT-OS.
The following two callbacks add support for the included drivers via I2C and SPI peripherals:
* `u8x8_byte_hw_spi_riotos`
* `u8x8_byte_hw_i2c_riotos`
For timing and GPIO related operations, the following callback is available.
* `u8x8_gpio_and_delay_riotos`
These methods require a structure containing peripheral information (`u8x8_riotos_t`), that is set using the `u8g2_SetUserPtr` function. This structure contains the peripheral and pin mapping.
If the above interface is not sufficient, it is still possible to write a dedicated interface by (re-)implementing the methods above. Refer to the [U8g2 wiki](https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2/wiki) for more information.
### Example
u8g2_t u8g2;
u8x8_riotos_t user_data =
.device_index = SPI_DEV(0),
.pin_cs = GPIO_PIN(PA, 0),
.pin_dc = GPIO_PIN(PA, 1),
.pin_reset = GPIO_PIN(PA, 2)
u8g2_SetUserPtr(&u8g2, &user_data);
u8g2_Setup_ssd1306_128x64_noname_1(&u8g2, U8G2_R0, u8x8_byte_riotos_hw_spi, u8x8_gpio_and_delay_riotos);
## Virtual displays
For targets without an I2C or SPI, virtual displays are available. These displays are part of U8g2, but are not compiled by default.
* By adding `USEMODULE += u8g2_utf8`, a terminal display is used as virtual display, using UTF8 block characters that are printed to stdout.
* By adding `USEMODULE += u8g2_sdl`, a SDL virtual display will be used. This is only available on native targets that have SDL installed. It uses `sdl2-config` to find the headers and libraries. Note that RIOT-OS builds 32-bit binaries and requires 32-bit SDL libraries.
### Example
u8g2_t u8g2;
u8g2_SetupBuffer_Utf8(&u8g2, U8G2_R0);


file  u8x8_riotos.h
 U8g2 driver for interacting with RIOT-OS peripherals.