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Nordic nrfx HAL

Provides the Nordic nrfx HAL. More...

Detailed Description

Provides the Nordic nrfx HAL.


"nrfx is a standalone set of drivers for peripherals present in Nordic Semiconductor's SoCs. It originated as an extract from the nRF5 SDK. The intention was to provide drivers that can be used in various environments without the necessity to integrate other parts of the SDK into them. For the user's convenience, the drivers come with the MDK package. This package contains definitions of register structures and bitfields for all supported SoCs, as well as startup and initialization files for them."


Licensed under BSD-3-Clause.

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file  nrfx_config.h
 Config header for the nrfx BSP package.
file  nrfx_glue.h
 This file contains macros that should be implemented according to the needs of the host environment into which nrfx is integrated.