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RIOT port of the NimBLE BLE stack. More...

Detailed Description

RIOT port of the NimBLE BLE stack.

This package includes the RIOT port of the NimBLE BLE stack.

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 Address Helper
 NimBLE specific helper functions for handling addresses.
 Simple connection manager that automatically opens BLE connections to any node that fits some given filter criteria.
 Automated advertising
 Module for automated bluetooth advertising.
 GNRC netif Implementation
 GNRC netif implementation for NimBLE, enabling the integration of NimBLE into GNRC.
 RIOT Integration
 Basic RIOT integration of NimBLE, including e.g.
 RPL-over-BLE for NimBLE
 RPL-over-BLE for Nimble implementation.
 Scan Result Helper
 List for storing and printing BLE scan results.
 Scanner Helper
 Helper module to simplify the usage of NimBLE in scanning mode.
 Static connection manager for NimBLE netif that keeps opens connections on demand and takes care of keeping them open.


file  nimble_npl_os.h
 Mynewt-Nimble Porting layer wrappers.