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Micro-ECC for RIOT

Micro-ECC for RIOT.

Micro-ECC for RIOT.

Micro-ECC for RIOT

This port of Micro-ECC to RIOT is based on the Micro-ECC upstream and adds hwrng_read (provided by RIOT) as the default RNG function if it is available on the target platform. This port also fixes a minor issue with unused variables in the upstream code.




USEPKG += micro-ecc

to your Makefile.

Choosing the right API

Before using the Micro-ECC library, you need to check the Makefile.features of your target board to see if periph_hwrng is provided.

If it is provided, you may safely use uECC_make_key to generate ECDSA key pairs and call uECC_sign/uECC_verify to sign/verify the ECDSA signatures.

If not, you cannot use uECC_make_key or uECC_sign APIs anymore. The ECDSA keys have to be generated on a platform with HWRNG support (e.g., native) and transferred to your target device. You need to use uECC_sign_deterministic to perform ECDSA deterministic signing (standardized by RFC 6979). You can still use uECC_verify to verify the signatures from both signing APIs.

WARNING Calling uECC_make_key and uECC_sign APIs on platforms without HWRNG support will lead to compile failure.

Examples of using these uECC APIs can be found in the test folder of the Micro-ECC upstream.

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