Advertising context holding the advertising data and state. More...

Detailed Description

Advertising context holding the advertising data and state.

Definition at line 74 of file skald.h.

#include <skald.h>

Data Fields

netdev_ble_pkt_t pkt
 packet holding the advertisement (GAP) data More...
ztimer_t timer
 timer for scheduling advertising events More...
ztimer_now_t last
 last timer trigger (for offset compensation) More...
uint8_t cur_chan
 keep track of advertising channels More...
uint32_t adv_itvl_ms
 advertising interval [ms] More...

Field Documentation

◆ adv_itvl_ms

uint32_t skald_ctx_t::adv_itvl_ms

advertising interval [ms]

Definition at line 79 of file skald.h.

◆ cur_chan

uint8_t skald_ctx_t::cur_chan

keep track of advertising channels

Definition at line 78 of file skald.h.

◆ last

ztimer_now_t skald_ctx_t::last

last timer trigger (for offset compensation)

Definition at line 77 of file skald.h.

◆ pkt

netdev_ble_pkt_t skald_ctx_t::pkt

packet holding the advertisement (GAP) data

Definition at line 75 of file skald.h.

◆ timer

ztimer_t skald_ctx_t::timer

timer for scheduling advertising events

Definition at line 76 of file skald.h.

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