Skald's simple iBeacon abstraction. More...

Detailed Description

Skald's simple iBeacon abstraction.


This Skald module supports the creation and advertisement of BLE iBeacons as defined by Apple (see

Implementation state


file  ibeacon.h
 Skald's basic interface.


void skald_ibeacon_advertise (skald_ctx_t *ctx, const skald_uuid_t *uuid, uint16_t major, uint16_t minor, uint8_t txpower, uint32_t adv_itvl_ms)
 Configure the IBeacon payload and start advertising. More...

Function Documentation

◆ skald_ibeacon_advertise()

void skald_ibeacon_advertise ( skald_ctx_t ctx,
const skald_uuid_t uuid,
uint16_t  major,
uint16_t  minor,
uint8_t  txpower,
uint32_t  adv_itvl_ms 

Configure the IBeacon payload and start advertising.

[out]ctxadvertising context
[in]uuidUUID advertised by the iBeacon
[in]majorthe iBeacon's major number
[in]minorthe iBeacon's minor number
[in]txpowercalibrated TX power to be advertised by the beacon
[in]adv_itvl_msadvertising interval [ms]