DOSE netdev device. More...

Detailed Description

DOSE netdev device.

Definition at line 186 of file dose.h.

#include <dose.h>

Data Fields

netdev_t netdev
 Extended netdev structure.
eui48_t mac_addr
 This device's MAC address.
uint8_t opts
 Driver options.
dose_state_t state
 Current state of the driver's state machine.
mutex_t state_mtx
 Is unlocked every time a state is (re)entered.
uint8_t recv_buf [CONFIG_DOSE_RX_BUF_LEN]
 Receive buffer for incoming frames.
chunk_ringbuf_t rb
 Ringbuffer to store received frames. More...
void * recv_buf_ptr_last
 Last value of recv_buf_ptr when the watchdog visited.
gpio_t sense_pin
 GPIO to sense for start bits on the UART's rx line.
gpio_t standby_pin
 GPIO to put the CAN transceiver in standby mode.
ztimer_t timeout
 Timeout timer ensuring always to get back to IDLE state.
uint32_t timeout_base
 Base timeout in us.
uart_t uart
 UART device to use.
uint8_t uart_octet
 Last received octet.
uint8_t flags
 Several flags.
- Data Fields inherited from netdev
const struct netdev_driverdriver
 ptr to that driver's interface.
netdev_event_cb_t event_callback
 callback for device events
void * context
 ptr to network stack context

Field Documentation

◆ rb

chunk_ringbuf_t dose_t::rb

Ringbuffer to store received frames.

Definition at line 193 of file dose.h.

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