gcoap_request_memo Struct Reference

Memo to handle a response for a request. More...

Detailed Description

Memo to handle a response for a request.

Definition at line 808 of file gcoap.h.

#include <gcoap.h>

Data Fields

unsigned state
 State of this memo, a GCOAP_MEMO...
int send_limit
 Remaining resends, 0 if none; GCOAP_SEND_LIMIT_NON if non-confirmable.
union {
   uint8_t   hdr_buf [GCOAP_HEADER_MAXLEN]
 Copy of PDU header, if no resends.
   gcoap_resend_t   data
 Endpoint and PDU buffer, for resend.
 Request message data; if confirmable, supports resending message.
sock_udp_ep_t remote_ep
 Remote endpoint.
gcoap_resp_handler_t resp_handler
 Callback for the response.
void * context
 ptr to user defined context data
event_timeout_t resp_evt_tmout
 Limits wait for response.
event_callback_t resp_tmout_cb
 Callback for response timeout.
gcoap_socket_t socket
 Transport type to remote endpoint.
 Cache key for the request. More...

Field Documentation

◆ cache_key

uint8_t gcoap_request_memo::cache_key[CONFIG_NANOCOAP_CACHE_KEY_LENGTH]

Cache key for the request.

Only available with module 'nanocoap_cache'

Definition at line 830 of file gcoap.h.

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