nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t Struct Reference

Parameter set used to configure accepting connections (advertising) More...

Detailed Description

Parameter set used to configure accepting connections (advertising)

Definition at line 120 of file nimble_netif.h.

#include <nimble_netif.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t flags
 flags More...
uint8_t channel_map
 specify custom channel map More...
uint8_t own_addr_type
 specify our own address type to use More...
int8_t tx_power
 specify TX power to be used More...
uint32_t adv_itvl_ms
 advertising interval [ms] More...
uint32_t timeout_ms
 stop accepting after this time [ms] More...
nimble_phy_t primary_phy
 primary PHY mode More...
nimble_phy_t secondary_phy
 secondary PHY mode More...

Field Documentation

◆ adv_itvl_ms

uint32_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::adv_itvl_ms

advertising interval [ms]

Definition at line 125 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ channel_map

uint8_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::channel_map

specify custom channel map

Definition at line 122 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ flags

uint8_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::flags


Definition at line 121 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ own_addr_type

uint8_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::own_addr_type

specify our own address type to use

Definition at line 123 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ primary_phy

nimble_phy_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::primary_phy

primary PHY mode

Definition at line 127 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ secondary_phy

nimble_phy_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::secondary_phy

secondary PHY mode

Definition at line 128 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ timeout_ms

uint32_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::timeout_ms

stop accepting after this time [ms]

Definition at line 126 of file nimble_netif.h.

◆ tx_power

int8_t nimble_netif_accept_cfg_t::tx_power

specify TX power to be used

Definition at line 124 of file nimble_netif.h.

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