Device descriptor definition for SDS011 Laser Dust Sensor. More...

Detailed Description

Device descriptor definition for SDS011 Laser Dust Sensor.

Definition at line 92 of file sds011.h.

#include <sds011.h>

Data Fields

sds011_params_t params
 parameters for SDS011 device More...
mutex_t dev_lock
 mutex to synchronize device access More...
mutex_t cb_lock
 mutex to synchronize callbacks More...
sds011_callback_t cb
 callback deliver values async More...
void * cbctx
 user context for the callback More...
uint16_t checksum
 iteratively calculated checksum More...
uint8_t rx_mem [SDS011_FRAME_RECV_LEN]
 receive buffer More...
uint8_t pos
 receive buffer position counter More...

Field Documentation

◆ cb

sds011_callback_t sds011_t::cb

callback deliver values async

Definition at line 96 of file sds011.h.

◆ cb_lock

mutex_t sds011_t::cb_lock

mutex to synchronize callbacks

Definition at line 95 of file sds011.h.

◆ cbctx

void* sds011_t::cbctx

user context for the callback

Definition at line 97 of file sds011.h.

◆ checksum

uint16_t sds011_t::checksum

iteratively calculated checksum

Definition at line 98 of file sds011.h.

◆ dev_lock

mutex_t sds011_t::dev_lock

mutex to synchronize device access

Definition at line 94 of file sds011.h.

◆ params

sds011_params_t sds011_t::params

parameters for SDS011 device

Definition at line 93 of file sds011.h.

◆ pos

uint8_t sds011_t::pos

receive buffer position counter

Definition at line 100 of file sds011.h.

◆ rx_mem

uint8_t sds011_t::rx_mem[SDS011_FRAME_RECV_LEN]

receive buffer

Definition at line 99 of file sds011.h.

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