STM32 Nucleo-64

Support for STM32 Nucleo-64 boards. More...

Detailed Description

Support for STM32 Nucleo-64 boards.


 STM32 Nucleo-F030R8
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F030R8.
 STM32 Nucleo-F070RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F070RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-F072RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F072RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-F091RC
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F091RC.
 STM32 Nucleo-F103RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F103RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-F302R8
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F302R8.
 STM32 Nucleo-F303RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F303RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-F334R8
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F334R8.
 STM32 Nucleo-F401RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F401RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-F410RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F410RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-F411RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F411RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-F446RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-F446RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-G070RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-G070RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-G071RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-G071RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-G431RB
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-G431RB.
 STM32 Nucleo-G474RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-G474RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-L053R8
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-L053R8.
 STM32 Nucleo-L073RZ
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-L073RZ.
 STM32 Nucleo-L152RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-L152RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-L433RC
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-L433RC.
 STM32 Nucleo-L452RE
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-L452RE.
 STM32 Nucleo-L476RG
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-L476RG.
 STM32 Nucleo-WL55JC
 Support for the STM32 Nucleo-W55JC.


file  arduino_board.h
 Board specific configuration for the Arduino API.
file  arduino_pinmap.h
 Mapping from MCU pins to Arduino pins.
file  board.h
 Common pin definitions and board configuration options.

Describe DC motors with PWM channel and GPIOs

static const motor_driver_config_t motor_driver_config []
#define MOTOR_DRIVER_NUMOF   ARRAY_SIZE(motor_driver_config)

LED pin definitions and handlers

#define LED0_PIN_NUM   5
#define LED0_PORT_NUM   PORT_A

User button

#define BTN0_PIN   GPIO_PIN(PORT_C, 13)
#define BTN0_MODE   GPIO_IN_PU

Variable Documentation

◆ motor_driver_config

const motor_driver_config_t motor_driver_config[]
Initial value:
= {
.pwm_dev = 1,
.mode_brake = MOTOR_BRAKE_HIGH,
.pwm_mode = PWM_LEFT,
.pwm_frequency = 20000U,
.pwm_resolution = 2250U,
.nb_motors = 1,
.motors = {
.pwm_channel = 0,
.gpio_enable = 0,
.gpio_dir0 = ARDUINO_PIN_15,
.gpio_dir1_or_brake = 0,
.gpio_dir_reverse = 0,
.gpio_enable_invert = 0,
.gpio_brake_invert = 0,
.cb = NULL,
Single GPIO for direction, \ no BRAKE.
Definition: motor_driver.h:118
High stage brake.
Definition: motor_driver.h:129
left aligned PWM
Definition: periph_cpu.h:176

Definition at line 63 of file board.h.