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Dragino LSN50 LoRa Sensor Node

Support for the Dragino LSN50 LoRa Sensor Node. More...

Detailed Description

Support for the Dragino LSN50 LoRa Sensor Node.


This board is a waterproof board with a LoRa SX1276 radio.


Documentation of the board is available here.

More documentation is available here.

The datasheet can be downloaded here.

Detailed schematics are available on GitHub:

Flashing the board

To flash the board, use an external ST-Link programmer/debugger, plugged on available SWD pins: PA13 (SWDIO), PA14 (SWCLK) and NRST (this pin is not exposed with v1.0). Ensure SW1 is on flash position. Then use the following command:

make BOARD=lsn50 -C examples/hello-world flash

On the v1.0 version of the board, no NRST pin is exposed so one has to press the reset button during flash and release it when OpenOCD prints adapter speed: 240 kHz the first time. The reset button must also be pressed a second time after flashing to start the new application.


STDIO is connected to pins PA9 (TX) and PA10 (RX) so an USB to UART adapter is required. Use the term target to open a terminal:

make BOARD=lsn50 -C examples/hello-world term

If an external ST-Link adapter is used, RX and TX pins can be directly connected to it. In this case, STDIO is available on /dev/ttyACMx (Linux case).


file  board.h
 Board specific definitions for the LSN50 board.
file  periph_conf.h
 Peripheral MCU configuration for the LSN50 board.