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Adafruit PyBadge

Support for the Adafruit PyBadge board. More...

Detailed Description

Support for the Adafruit PyBadge board.

General information

The Adafruit PyBadge is a learning and development board that provides 5 Neopixel LEDs, an accelerometer, a light sensor, a speaker, several buttons and an LCD screen. It is powered by an Atmel SAMD51 microcontroller.

The display, RGB LEDs, buttons and accelerometer of this board are currently not supported.

The Adafruit PyBadge LC and Adafruit EdgeBadge) are variants of the Pybadge with small differences:

Flash the board

Connect the board via USB and use BOARD=adafruit-pybadge with the make command; this uses the Arduino style bootloader preprogrammed on the board.
Example with hello-world application:

make BOARD=adafruit-pybadge -C examples/hello-world flash

In case of a crash of the firmware, one has to manually reset the board in bootloader mode to be able to re-flash it again: simply double tap the reset button before running the flash command provided above.

Accessing STDIO via UART

STDIO of RIOT is directly available over the USB port.


file  board.h
 Board specific definitions for the Adafruit PyBadge.
file  gpio_params.h
 Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs.
file  periph_conf.h
 Configuration of CPU peripherals for the Adafruit PyBadge.