E104-BT5010A Test Board

Support for the Ebyte E104-BT5010A Test Board (nRF52810) More...

Support for the Ebyte E104-BT5010A Test Board (nRF52810)

General information

The E104-BT5010A Test Board is a cheap break-out board for the E104-BT5010A module. It's based on the nRF52810 and by default comes with a Firmware that accepts AT commands over UART, but it can be flashed with RIOT easily.

Flashing the board

To flash the board, you have to connect a SWD programmer to the pins labeled SWDIO and SWCLK. Also make sure to connect GND. P0.21 is Reset.

Accessing STDIO via UART

The STDIO is directly accessible via the USB port. On a Linux host, it's generally mapped to /dev/ttyUSB0.

Use the term target to connect to the board serial port

make BOARD=e104-bt5010a-tb -C examples/hello-world term