TI CC1350 LaunchPad XL

Texas Instruments SimpleLink(TM) CC1350 Wireless MCU LaunchPad(TM) Kit. More...

Detailed Description

Texas Instruments SimpleLink(TM) CC1350 Wireless MCU LaunchPad(TM) Kit.

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  1. Overview
  2. Hardware
  3. Board pinout
  4. Flashing the Device

<a name="cc1350_launchpad_overview"> Overview </a>  <a href="#cc1350_launchpad_toc">[TOC]</a>

The LAUNCHXL-CC1350 is a Texas Instrument's development kit for the CC1350 SoC MCU which combines a Cortex-M3 microcontroller alonside a dedicated Cortex-M0 to control a dual-band radio.

<a name="cc1350_launchpad_hardware"> Hardware </a>  <a href="#cc1350_launchpad_toc">[TOC]</a>


MCU CC1350
Family ARM Cortex-M3
Vendor Texas Instruments
Flash 128KiB
Frequency 48MHz
FPU no
Timers 4
ADCs 1x 12-bit (channels)
SPIs 2
I2Cs 1
Vcc 1.8V - 3.8V
Datasheet Datasheet
Reference Manual Reference Manual

<a name="cc1350_launchpad_pinout"> Board pinout </a>  <a href="#cc1350_launchpad_toc">[TOC]</a>

The CC1350 Quick Start Guide provides the default pinout for the board.

<a name="cc1350_launchpad_flashing"> Flashing the Device </a>  <a href="#cc1350_launchpad_toc">[TOC]</a>

Flashing RIOT is quite straight forward. The board comes with an XDS110 on-board debug probe that provides programming, flashing and debugging capabilities through the USB Micro-USB connector. Once either TI Uniflash or OpenOCD are installed just connect the board using the Micro-USB port to your computer and type:

make flash BOARD=cc1350-launchpad

To use OpenOCD instead of uniflash we need to set the PROGRAMMER environment variable, this is to enable OpenOCD instead of Uniflash.

export PROGRAMMER=openocd

Now we can just do make flash and make debug, this all using OpenOCD.

For detailed information about CC1312 MCUs as well as configuring, compiling RIOT and installation of flashing tools for CC1312 boards, see RIOT-OS on CC26xx/CC13xx boards.


file  board.h
 Board specific definitions for TI CC1350 LaunchPad.
file  gpio_params.h
 Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs.
file  periph_conf.h
 Peripheral MCU configuration for TI CC1350 LaunchPad.