Support for for Espressif ESP32-Ethernet-Kit v1.0. More...

Support for for Espressif ESP32-Ethernet-Kit v1.0.

Gunar Schorcht
Erik Ekman

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Hardware
    1. Board Configuration
    2. Board Pinout
  3. Other Documentation Resources

Overview    [TOC]

The Espressif ESP32-Ethernet-Kit is a development board that uses the ESP32-WROVER-B module. Most important features of the board are

Furthermore, some GPIOs are broken out for extension. The USB bridge based on FDI FT2232HL provides a JTAG interface for OCD debugging through the USB interface. For flashing and debugging the board, see ESP32-Ethernet-Kit common board documentation.

Hardware    [TOC]

This section describes

Board Configuration    [TOC]

ESP32-Ethernet-Kit v1.0 has the following on-board components

For detailed information about the configuration of ESP32 boards, see section Peripherals in RIOT-OS on ESP32 boards.

Only a few GPIOs are broken out and available for external hardware on ESP32-Ethernet-Kit boards. Which GPIOs are available as peripherals depends on used modules.
Function GPIOs Remarks Configuration
BTN0 GPIO0 not available if esp_eth is used
ADC GPIO34, GPIO35, GPIO36, GPIO39 ADC Channels
DAC - DAC Channels
PWM_DEV(0) GPIO4 PWM Channels
I2C_DEV(0):SDA GPIO32 I2C Interfaces
I2C_DEV(0):SCL GPIO33 I2C Interfaces
SPI_DEV(0):CLK GPIO14 HSPI is used SPI Interfaces
SPI_DEV(0):MISO GPIO12 HSPI is used SPI Interfaces
SPI_DEV(0):MOSI GPIO13 HSPI is used SPI Interfaces
SPI_DEV(0):CS0 GPIO15 HSPI is used SPI Interfaces
UART_DEV(0):TxD GPIO1 Console (configuration is fixed) UART interfaces
UART_DEV(0):RxD GPIO3 Console (configuration is fixed) UART interfaces
  • GPIO4 only works properly on the board if the function switch for GPIO4 (DIP SW 5) is OFF.
  • SPI_DEV(0) is not available if module esp_jtag is used. For the SPI_DEV(0) pins to work properly, the function switches (DIP switches) for the JTAG signals must be set to OFF.

Board Pinout    [TOC]

The board schematic can be found here.

By default, only 3 bidirectional GPIO pins are unused: GPIO4, GPIO32, GPIO33. The suggested configuration is for PWM and I2C, but they can also be used for SPI or another serial port. By disabling the JTAG interface on the board, another 4 GPIOs can be made available (GPIO12, GPIO13, GPIO14, GPIO15).

Other Documentation Resources    [TOC]

There is a comprehensive Getting Started Guide for the ESP32-Ethernet-Kit with a lot information about hardware configuration.