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Wemos S2 mini Board

Support for Wemos S2 mini Board. More...

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Support for Wemos S2 mini Board.

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Wemos S2 mini


Wemos S2 mini

Documentation for the board can be found on the vendor page:

Flashing the Device

Flashing RIOT is quite easy. The board has a Micro-USB connector with reset/boot/flash logic. Just connect the board to your host computer and type using the programming port:

BOARD=esp32s2-wemos-mini make flash

If RIOT is already on the device, it should automatically enter bootloader mode. If this does not work or the device is stuck in some other mode, you can force it into bootloader mode by pressing the Reset (RST) button while holding the BOOT (0) button.

For detailed information about ESP32-S2 as well as configuring and compiling RIOT for ESP32-S2 boards, see RIOT-OS on ESP32 SoC Series Boards.

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file  board.h
 Board definitions for Wemos S2 mini board.
file  gpio_params.h
 Board specific configuration of direct mapped GPIOs.
file  periph_conf.h
 Peripheral configurations for Wemos S2 mini boards.