board.h File Reference

Board specific definitions for the MSB-IoT board. More...

Detailed Description

Board specific definitions for the MSB-IoT board.

Fabian Nack

Definition in file board.h.

#include "cpu.h"
#include "periph_conf.h"
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Configure connected CC1101 (radio) device

#define CC110X_PARAM_SPI   SPI_DEV(0)
 SPI interface CC1101 is connected to.
#define CC110X_PARAM_CS   GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 12)
 CS pin of CC1101.
#define CC110X_PARAM_GDO0   GPIO_PIN(PORT_C, 4)
 GDO0 pin of CC1101.
#define CC110X_PARAM_GDO2   GPIO_PIN(PORT_C, 5)
 GDO2 pin of CC1101.
 SPI clock (reduced to work around hw bug)

Configure connected MPU-9150 device

#define MPU9X50_PARAM_COMP_ADDR   (0x0E)
 I2C address of the MPU9150.

LED pin definitions and handlers

#define LED0_PIN   GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 8)
 Pin of red LED.
#define LED1_PIN   GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 14)
 Pin of yellow LED.
#define LED2_PIN   GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 15)
 Pin of green LED.
#define LED_PORT   GPIOB
 GPIO port LEDs are connected to.
#define LED0_MASK   (1 << 8)
 Bitmask to address red LED in LED_PORT.
#define LED1_MASK   (1 << 14)
 Bitmask to address yellow LED in LED_PORT.
#define LED2_MASK   (1 << 15)
 Bitmask to address green LED in LED_PORT.
#define LED0_ON   (LED_PORT->BSRR = LED0_MASK)
 Turn red LED on.
#define LED0_OFF   (LED_PORT->BSRR = (LED0_MASK << 16))
 Turn red LED off.
 Toggle red LED.
#define LED1_ON   (LED_PORT->BSRR = LED1_MASK)
 Turn yellow LED on.
#define LED1_OFF   (LED_PORT->BSRR = (LED1_MASK << 16))
 Turn yellow LED off.
 Toggle yellow LED.
#define LED2_ON   (LED_PORT->BSRR = LED2_MASK)
 Turn green LED on.
#define LED2_OFF   (LED_PORT->BSRR = (LED2_MASK << 16))
 Turn green LED off.
 Toggle green LED.

Button pin definitions

#define BUTTON0_PIN   GPIO_PIN(PORT_B, 13)
 Pin of left button.
 Pin of right button.