Default configuration for BMX280. More...

Detailed Description

#include "board.h"
#include "bmx280.h"
#include "saul_reg.h"
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#define BMX280_NUMOF   ARRAY_SIZE(bmx280_params)
 The number of configured sensors. More...


static const bmx280_params_t bmx280_params []
 Configure BMX280. More...
static const saul_reg_info_t bmx280_saul_reg_info [BMX280_NUMOF]
 Configuration details of SAUL registry entries. More...

Set default configuration parameters for the BMX280

#define BMX280_PARAM_I2C_DEV   I2C_DEV(0)
#define BMX280_PARAM_I2C_ADDR   (0x77)
#define BMX280_PARAM_MISC
#define BMX280_PARAMS

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#define BMX280_NUMOF   ARRAY_SIZE(bmx280_params)

The number of configured sensors.

Definition at line 99 of file bmx280_params.h.


#define BMX280_PARAM_I2C_ADDR   (0x77)

Definition at line 55 of file bmx280_params.h.


#define BMX280_PARAM_I2C_DEV   I2C_DEV(0)

Definition at line 52 of file bmx280_params.h.


#define BMX280_PARAM_MISC
.t_sb = BMX280_SB_0_5, \
.filter = BMX280_FILTER_OFF, \
.run_mode = BMX280_MODE_FORCED, \
.temp_oversample = BMX280_OSRS_X1, \
.press_oversample = BMX280_OSRS_X1, \
.humid_oversample = BMX280_OSRS_X1, \

Definition at line 59 of file bmx280_params.h.


#define BMX280_PARAMS
{ \
.i2c_dev = BMX280_PARAM_I2C_DEV, \
.i2c_addr = BMX280_PARAM_I2C_ADDR, \
#define BMX280_PARAM_I2C_DEV
I2C device.
Definition: board.h:63
#define BMX280_PARAM_I2C_ADDR
BMP280 Pressure and temperature sensor.
Definition: board.h:163

Definition at line 78 of file bmx280_params.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ bmx280_params

const bmx280_params_t bmx280_params[]
Initial value:

Configure BMX280.

Definition at line 91 of file bmx280_params.h.

◆ bmx280_saul_reg_info

const saul_reg_info_t bmx280_saul_reg_info[BMX280_NUMOF]
Initial value:
{ .name = "bmp280" }

Configuration details of SAUL registry entries.

This two dimensional array contains static details of the sensors for each device. Please be awar that the indexes are used in auto_init_bmx280, so make sure the indexes match.

Definition at line 108 of file bmx280_params.h.