RAM blob SUIT payload storage backends. More...

Detailed Description

RAM blob SUIT payload storage backends.

RAM-based storage backend for SUIT OTA updates

Koen Zandberg koen@.nosp@m.berg.nosp@m.zand..nosp@m.net

This module implements a RAM-backed storage interface for SUIT. The main purpose is mock testing the SUIT implementation, however the interface could also be used for to target backup ram storage by changing CONFIG_SUIT_STORAGE_RAM_SIZE to store it in backup ram.

The module uses a .ram.### structure where the number indicates the index of the memory region being targeted.

The install function is implemented as a noop. There is no distinction between valid content and not yet invalidated content.

Data Structures

struct  suit_storage_ram_region_t
 Single in-memory storage region. More...
 memory storage state More...


 Size of each memory region. More...
 Number of allocated regions. More...
 Extra attributes for allocating the RAM struct. More...
 Storage location string separators. More...
 Storage location string prefix. More...


typedef struct CONFIG_SUIT_STORAGE_RAM_ATTR suit_storage_ram_t
 memory storage state

Macro Definition Documentation


Extra attributes for allocating the RAM struct.

Definition at line 60 of file ram.h.



Storage location string prefix.

Must include the leading and trailing separators

Definition at line 76 of file ram.h.



Storage location string separators.

Definition at line 67 of file ram.h.



Number of allocated regions.

Definition at line 53 of file ram.h.



Size of each memory region.

Definition at line 46 of file ram.h.