SUIT secure firmware OTA VFS transport

SUIT firmware VFS transport. More...

Detailed Description

SUIT firmware VFS transport.

         Allows to load firmware updates from the filesystem.
         URL scheme: file://<path>/<to>/manifest.suit

         e.g. set `SUIT_COAP_ROOT` to `file:///sd0/fw` and place the
         update files to the folder fw/ on the first SD card.

VFS transport backend definitions for SUIT manifests

Benjamin Valentin


int suit_transport_vfs_fetch (const suit_manifest_t *manifest, coap_blockwise_cb_t cb, void *ctx)
 fetch a payload from the filesystem More...

Function Documentation

◆ suit_transport_vfs_fetch()

int suit_transport_vfs_fetch ( const suit_manifest_t manifest,
coap_blockwise_cb_t  cb,
void *  ctx 

fetch a payload from the filesystem

[in]manifestsuit manifest context
[in]cbfilesystem block callback
[in]ctxcallback context
SUIT_OK if valid
negative otherwise