SUIT secure firmware OTA mock transport

SUIT firmware mock transport. More...

Detailed Description

SUIT firmware mock transport.

Mock transport backend definitions for SUIT manifests

Koen Zandberg

The mock transport is a noop transport. Payloads are preloaded in flash and provided as an array of suit_transport_mock_payload_t to the module.

Both the array of payloads named payloads and the size with name num_payloads must be provided.

Data Structures

struct  suit_transport_mock_payload_t
 Mock payload. More...


int suit_transport_mock_fetch (const suit_manifest_t *manifest)
 'fetch' a payload More...

Function Documentation

◆ suit_transport_mock_fetch()

int suit_transport_mock_fetch ( const suit_manifest_t manifest)

'fetch' a payload

The payload fetched from the payloads array is indicated by the suit_manifest_t::component_current member

[in]manifestsuit manifest context
SUIT_OK if valid
negative otherwise