tsl4531x_params.h File Reference

Default configuration for tsl4531x light sensor. More...

Detailed Description

Default configuration for tsl4531x light sensor.

Alexandre Abadie alexa.nosp@m.ndre.nosp@m..abad.nosp@m.ie@i.nosp@m.nria..nosp@m.fr
Daniel Petry danie.nosp@m.lpet.nosp@m.ry@ca.nosp@m.ntab.nosp@m..net

Derived from the default configuration for the tsl2561 driver.

Definition in file tsl4531x_params.h.

#include "board.h"
#include "saul_reg.h"
#include "tsl4531x.h"
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static const tsl4531x_params_t tsl4531x_params []
 Configure TSL4531x. More...
saul_reg_info_t tsl4531x_saul_info []
 Allocate and configure entries to the SAUL registry. More...

Set default configuration parameters for the TSL4531x

#define TSL4531X_PARAM_I2C_DEV   I2C_DEV(0)
#define TSL4531X_PARAM_I2C_ADDR   TSL45315_ADDR
#define TSL4531X_LOW_POWER_MODE   (false)
#define TSL4531X_PARAMS
#define TSL4531X_SAUL_INFO   { .name = "tsl4531x" }

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#define TSL4531X_LOW_POWER_MODE   (false)

Definition at line 48 of file tsl4531x_params.h.


#define TSL4531X_PARAM_I2C_ADDR   TSL45315_ADDR

Definition at line 42 of file tsl4531x_params.h.


#define TSL4531X_PARAM_I2C_DEV   I2C_DEV(0)

Definition at line 39 of file tsl4531x_params.h.



Definition at line 45 of file tsl4531x_params.h.



Definition at line 51 of file tsl4531x_params.h.


#define TSL4531X_PARAMS
{ .i2c_dev = TSL4531X_PARAM_I2C_DEV, \
.i2c_addr = TSL4531X_PARAM_I2C_ADDR, \
.integration_time = TSL4531X_PARAM_INTEGRATION, \
.low_power_mode = TSL4531X_LOW_POWER_MODE, \
.part_number = TSL4531X_PARAM_PARTNO }

Definition at line 54 of file tsl4531x_params.h.


#define TSL4531X_SAUL_INFO   { .name = "tsl4531x" }

Definition at line 62 of file tsl4531x_params.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ tsl4531x_params

const tsl4531x_params_t tsl4531x_params[]
Initial value:

Configure TSL4531x.

Definition at line 69 of file tsl4531x_params.h.

◆ tsl4531x_saul_info

saul_reg_info_t tsl4531x_saul_info[]
Initial value:

Allocate and configure entries to the SAUL registry.

Definition at line 77 of file tsl4531x_params.h.