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gnrc_tcp_eventloop.h File Reference

TCP event loop declarations. More...

Detailed Description

TCP event loop declarations.

Simon Brummer simon.nosp@m..bru.nosp@m.mmer@.nosp@m.post.nosp@m.eo.de

Definition in file gnrc_tcp_eventloop.h.

#include <stdint.h>
#include "evtimer_msg.h"
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int _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_init (void)
 Starts GNRC TCP's main processing thread.
void _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_sched (evtimer_msg_event_t *event, uint32_t offset, uint16_t type, void *context)
 Schedule event to event loop.
void _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_unsched (evtimer_msg_event_t *event)
 Unschedule event to event loop.

Function Documentation

◆ _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_init()

int _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_init ( void  )

Starts GNRC TCP's main processing thread.

Return values
PIDof processing thread on success
-EEXISTif processing thread was already started
seethread_create() for more error cases.

◆ _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_sched()

void _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_sched ( evtimer_msg_event_t event,
uint32_t  offset,
uint16_t  type,
void *  context 

Schedule event to event loop.

[in]eventThe event to schedule
[in]offsetOffset in milliseconds when the event should be handled in the event loop
[in]typeType of the message for the event
[in]contextContext of the event.

◆ _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_unsched()

void _gnrc_tcp_eventloop_unsched ( evtimer_msg_event_t event)

Unschedule event to event loop.

Does nothing if event was not scheduled.

[in]eventThe event to unschedule