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A traffic-adaptive multi-channel MAC. More...

Detailed Description

A traffic-adaptive multi-channel MAC.

This module is deprecated and will be removed after the 2024.10 release. As an alternative MAC layer for IEEE 802.15.4, you can use openDSME - IEEE 802.15.4 DSME.

GoMacH is, "a General, nearly Optimal MAC protocol for multi-Hop communications", for IEEE 802.15.4 IoT/WSNs networks. It is designed to be a traffic adaptive MAC protocol that provides high traffic adaptability, high energy efficiency and high robustness.

GoMacH's main features


 GNRC GoMacH compile configuration


file  gomach.h
 Implementation of GoMacH protocol.
file  hdr.h
 Header definition of GoMacH.
file  timeout.h
 Timeout handling of GoMacH.
file  types.h
 Internal used types of GoMacH.
file  gomach_internal.h
 GoMacH's internal functions.


int gnrc_netif_gomach_create (gnrc_netif_t *netif, char *stack, int stacksize, char priority, const char *name, netdev_t *dev)
 Creates an IEEE 802.15.4 GoMacH network interface.

Function Documentation

◆ gnrc_netif_gomach_create()

int gnrc_netif_gomach_create ( gnrc_netif_t netif,
char *  stack,
int  stacksize,
char  priority,
const char *  name,
netdev_t dev 

Creates an IEEE 802.15.4 GoMacH network interface.

[out]netifThe interface. May not be NULL.
[in]stackThe stack for the GoMacH network interface's thread.
[in]stacksizeSize of stack.
[in]priorityPriority for the GoMacH network interface's thread.
[in]nameName for the GoMacH network interface. May be NULL.
[in]devDevice for the interface
See also
0 on success
negative number on error