puf_sram.h File Reference

Detailed Description

#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
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#define SEED_RAM_LEN   (2048 / sizeof(uint32_t))
 SRAM length considered for seeding. More...
#define PUF_SRAM_MARKER   (0xad3021ff)
 SRAM marker to detect reboot without power-off. More...


void puf_sram_init (const uint8_t *ram, size_t len)
 checks source of reboot by puf_sram_softreset and conditionally calls puf_sram_generate More...
void puf_sram_generate (const uint8_t *ram, size_t len)
 builds hash from SEED_RAM_LEN bytes uninitialized SRAM, writes it to the global variable puf_sram_seed and returns the value More...
bool puf_sram_softreset (void)
 checks for a memory marker to determine whether memory contains old data. More...


uint32_t puf_sram_seed
 Global seed variable, allocated in puf_sram.c.
uint32_t puf_sram_state
 Global seed state, allocated in puf_sram.c 0 means seed was generated from SRAM pattern, 1 means missing power cycle detected, 2 means power cycle detected. More...
uint32_t puf_sram_softreset_cnt
 Counter variable allocated in puf_sram.c. More...