ConstFS static file system

Constant file system resident in arrays. More...

Detailed Description

Constant file system resident in arrays.

This is an example of how to implement a simple file system driver for the RIOT VFS layer. The implementation uses an array of constfs_file_t objects as its storage back-end.


file  constfs.h
 ConstFS public API.

Data Structures

struct  constfs_file_t
 A file in ConstFS (file name + contents) More...
struct  constfs_t
 ConstFS file system superblock. More...


const vfs_file_system_t constfs_file_system
 ConstFS file system driver. More...

Variable Documentation

◆ constfs_file_system

const vfs_file_system_t constfs_file_system

ConstFS file system driver.

For use with vfs_mount