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 Window size for Adaptive Proportion Test (NIST SP 800-90B 4.4.2). More...
 Abort factor for von Neumann extractor. More...
 ADC resolution default configuration. More...
 ADC line default configuration. More...
 ADC estimated entropy per sample [2^16 * bit/sample]. More...
 Disable ADC health test by default. More...
 Disable ADC conditioning test by default. More...
 Min. More...
 Enable health test by default. More...
 Disable conditioning by default. More...

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Disable ADC conditioning test by default.

Definition at line 113 of file adc_noise.h.



Disable ADC health test by default.

Definition at line 108 of file adc_noise.h.



ADC estimated entropy per sample [2^16 * bit/sample].

The entropy value needs to be estimated and evaluated thoroughly beforehand deployment! To avoid float, the actual entropy value per one byte sample needs to be manually multiplied by 2^16 before before configuring it (e.g., to an entropy value of 1 bit/sample, a value of 1 * 65536 needs to be set) . We default to zero which is an invalid configuration to enforce a thoughtful investigation on the actual entropy properties. See Entropy Sources for further information about entropy source validation. H_min=0 bit/sample * 2^16 is invalid and needs to set manually!

Definition at line 102 of file adc_noise.h.



ADC line default configuration.

The ADC line maps to an I/O pin. This number acts as index to an array of predefined ADC devices that contain the pin definition. Typically, the array is defined by a board in a periph_conf.h file. Please note that a board is not required to specify a minimum number of lines.

Definition at line 81 of file adc_noise.h.



ADC resolution default configuration.

Definition at line 67 of file adc_noise.h.



Abort factor for von Neumann extractor.

The algorithms runs as long as no bit changes appear in subsequent samples. This define adds a factor that aborts the procedure after (factor * requested length) samples.

Definition at line 104 of file entropy_source.h.



Window size for Adaptive Proportion Test (NIST SP 800-90B 4.4.2).

In (NIST SP 800-90B 4.4.2) a window size of 512 samples is recommended for non-binary sources. Typically, RIOT use cases will not request as many samples, thus, it might be worth considering a smaller window size so the test is more likely to complete a cycle. It is noteworthy that a cutoff value calculated by entropy_source_test_prop_cutoff that is greater than the window size may lead to undetected errors.

Definition at line 94 of file entropy_source.h.



Disable conditioning by default.

Conditioning is useless for zeros only. The von Neumann extractor would never finish and wait for the stop criterion given by CONFIG_ENTROPY_SOURCE_NEUMANN_ABORT.

Definition at line 64 of file zero_entropy.h.



Enable health test by default.

Testing is the only purpose of this module.

Definition at line 53 of file zero_entropy.h.




Entropy value for zero entropy module.

H_min=0.9 bit/sample * 2^16 fake for testing!

Definition at line 44 of file zero_entropy.h.