Detailed Description


 Set to 1 if the clock output of the AT86RF215 is used as a clock source on the board. More...
#define CONFIG_AT86RF215_TRIM_VAL   (0)
 Trim value for the external crystal oscillator. More...
 Default TX power (0dBm) More...

Channel configuration


Enable Reduced Power Consumption

#define CONFIG_AT86RF215_RPC_EN   (0)

Default Battery Monitor trigger threshold (in mV)

if battery monitoring is enabled

#define CONFIG_AT86RF215_BATMON_THRESHOLD   (1800)

Default PHY Mode


Default O-QPSK Rate Mode

Non-zero value enables proprietary high data rate by default


Default MR-O-QPSK Chip Rate


Default MR-O-QPSK Rate Mode


Default MR-OFDM Option


Default MR-OFDM Modulation & Coding Scheme


Default MR-FSK Symbol Rate


Default MR-FSK Modulation Index, fraction of 64


Default MR-FSK Modulation Order


Default MR-FSK Forward Error Correction Scheme


Macro Definition Documentation


#define CONFIG_AT86RF215_BATMON_THRESHOLD   (1800)

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Default TX power (0dBm)

Definition at line 249 of file at86rf215.h.


#define CONFIG_AT86RF215_RPC_EN   (0)

Definition at line 122 of file at86rf215.h.


#define CONFIG_AT86RF215_TRIM_VAL   (0)

Trim value for the external crystal oscillator.

     Each increment adds 300nF capacitance between the crystal oscillator pins
     TCXO and XTAL2.

     Range: 0..15

     Use in conjunction with @see CONFIG_AT86RF215_USE_CLOCK_OUTPUT and a frequency
     meter connected to the clock output pin of the AT86RF215.
     Tweak the value until the measured clock output matches 26 MHz the best.

Definition at line 101 of file at86rf215.h.



Set to 1 if the clock output of the AT86RF215 is used as a clock source on the board.

Otherwise it is turned off to save energy.

Definition at line 85 of file at86rf215.h.