NXP QN908x

NXP QN908x BLE-enabled Cortex-M4F MCU specific implementation. More...

Detailed Description

NXP QN908x BLE-enabled Cortex-M4F MCU specific implementation.

The NXP QN908x family of chips such as the QN9080 feature a Cortex-M4F, Bluetooth Low Energy, USB 2.0 and in some SKUs like the QN9080SIP NFC as well. The CPU is designed to be ultra-low-power and high-performance, allowing applications with small battery capacity. It includes an optional DC-DC and LDO, low power sleep timers, I2C, SPI, ADC, SPIFI and several other peripherals.


 NXP QN908x ADC - Analog to Digital converter
 NXP QN908x ADC driver.
 NXP QN908x CPUID driver.
 NXP QN908x GPIO driver.
 NXP QN908x I2C
 NXP QN908x I2C driver.
 NXP QN908x Real-Time-Clock (RTC)
 NXP QN908x RTC driver.
 NXP QN908x Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
 NXP QN908x timer driver.
 NXP QN908x Standard counter/timers (CTIMER)
 NXP QN908x timer driver.
 NXP QN908x UART driver.
 NXP QN908x Watchdog timer (WDT)
 NXP QN908x Watchdog timer (WDT)


file  cpu_conf.h
 Implementation specific CPU configuration options.
file  flexcomm.h
 Flexcomm interface functions.
file  gpio_mux.h
 Common Pin MUX functions.
file  periph_cpu.h
 CPU specific definitions for internal peripheral handling.
file  vectors_qn908x.h
 Interrupt service routine declarations NXP QN908x MCUs.