evtimer_msg.h File Reference

IPC-based evtimer definitions. More...

Detailed Description

IPC-based evtimer definitions.

Kaspar Schleiser kaspa.nosp@m.r@sc.nosp@m.hleis.nosp@m.er.d.nosp@m.e
Martine Lenders m.len.nosp@m.ders.nosp@m.@fu-b.nosp@m.erli.nosp@m.n.de

Definition in file evtimer_msg.h.

#include "msg.h"
#include "evtimer.h"
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Data Structures

struct  evtimer_msg_event_t
 IPC-message event. More...


typedef evtimer_t evtimer_msg_t
 IPC-message event timer. More...


static void evtimer_add_msg (evtimer_msg_t *evtimer, evtimer_msg_event_t *event, kernel_pid_t target_pid)
 Adds event to an event timer that handles events via IPC. More...
static void _evtimer_msg_handler (evtimer_event_t *event)
 Event handler for IPC messages. More...
static void evtimer_init_msg (evtimer_t *evtimer)
 Initializes event timer to handle events via IPC. More...