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CPU specific part of the Peripheral GPIO Low-Level API. More...

Detailed Description

CPU specific part of the Peripheral GPIO Low-Level API.

Noteworthy aspects of this implementation:

  • The platform has no "GPIO_USED_BY_PERIPHERAL" – instead, the pin needs to be configured as by the using peripheral's properties (eg. push-pull for UART, disabled for ADC to minimize GPIO influence, etc.).
  • Alternative drive strengths are supported by the hardware, but not implemented in the driver. Adding them would be possible, but is tedious to implement: As each port can only have one alternative drive strength, changing that would require iterating over all pins, decide whether they are using an alternative drive strength, and refuse changing it if any are found.
  • There is an optional glitch suppression filter after the Schmitt trigger; no custom API (which would be a local extension to gpio_conf_t) is implemented yet to enable the filters.
Christian Amsüss chrys.nosp@m.n@fs.nosp@m.fe.or.nosp@m.g

Definition in file gpio_ll_arch.h.

#include "cpu.h"
#include "periph_cpu.h"
#include "em_gpio.h"
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